Cultural Mediation Training

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Cultural Mediation Training

Hedi Khelil

The artistic and cultural scene in Tunisia has shown significant dynamism for over a decade, marked by a multitude of large-scale cultural events such as Dream City, Jaou, Gabès Cinéma Fen, the Carthage Days across various sectors, Kif el Kef, and more. However, beyond the events and their impact on audiences and Tunisian society at large, arises the question of the role of mediation within cultural initiatives.

Cultural mediation has a crucial role to play in the sector, especially at a time when inclusivity is strongly recommended.

Indeed, a common misconception—especially within the cultural sector—is to reduce mediation to a mere communication technique. While communication is indeed one aspect, mediation distinguishes itself by its territorial anchorage, exploring local issues. 

The term 'mediation' is also often used, with a focus on conflict resolution. Yet, let us not forget that cultural mediation is, above all, about fostering encounters. 

In Tunisia, in the training content, there is currently no specific branch dedicated to mediation in higher education. Addressing this gap, this training leverages the productivity of the Tunisian cultural scene and addresses current questions surrounding the role of the mediator and cultural rights, aiming to train professionals in this field.

Thisfirstmodule'Concepts and Challenges of Cultural Mediation / Cultural Mediation as a Meeting Point' (to be followed in 2025 by asecond, more specific module focused on the plurality of audiences and inclusive culture), seeks to broaden participants' perspectives by examining various contexts and modalities of cultural mediation. Particular emphasis is placed on enhancing participants' analytical skills, enabling them to strategically conceive, organize, and support cultural mediation projects.

10 Days

L'Art Rue

in Tunis with field trips to other regions.

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The training is structured as workshops, alternating theoretical inputs with expert interventions, field visits, experimentation with concrete tools, individual and small group work, role-playing, presentations, and collective analyses.


  • Initiate participants into the fundamental questions of cultural mediation; contextualization, history, professional challenges, skills
  • Understand the various contexts and modes of cultural mediation; written, digital, participatory, co-constructed, etc.
  • Analyze a cultural mediation setup to be able to design, organize, and support cultural projects.
  • Deepen understanding of audiences and territories in light of cultural rights.
  • Design educational resources by questioning their transmission modalities.


This training is open to 15 individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Motivation and interest in cultural mediation.
  • Affinity with the art and culture world .
  • Familiarity with cultural mediation tools, such as facilitation techniques, non-verbal communication methods, etc.
  • Creative aptitudes.
  • Previous experience in mediation or cultural animation.
  • Proficiency in Arabic and French is required.
  • Residing in Tunisia.

* Participants who complete the first module will be eligible to apply for the second module scheduled for 2025.


10 days of training spread between May and September 2024 in Tunis with field trips to other regions.

Exact dates will be communicated later.


Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply by filling out the online form and adding any supporting documents that could enhance your application (CV, motivation letter in Arabic or French, certifications related to cultural management, portfolio, or other documents representing your background/practice).

This is a qualifying training during which participants receive remuneration. Art Rue will also cover transportation, accommodation, and per diem expenses during trips outside Tunis. For individuals residing outside Greater Tunis, accommodation at Art Rue is possible, and transportation costs will be reimbursed.



Speakers / Trainers

Hedi Khelil

a visual artist and university lecturer trained at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Tunis. Holding a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Sorbonne Paris I, Hedi is involved in civil society as a cultural operator and consultant in cultural management & social innovation. He will oversee and guide participants throughout the training and moderate interventions.